Consulting, Capital Acquisition, European Funds

The role of the team of specialists working in this department is to provide consulting and assistance in the running of companies. It specializes in financial, energy, and commercial consultancy, providing consultancy services on economic and capital acquisition (i.a. European funds) issues. It runs specialist training courses.

1. Business Consultancy

Our company specialists after analysing individual company divisions suggest optimal solutions in business management. Our main task is the maximization of productivity of our clients in combination with the minimization of costs, that they incur.

2. Capital Acquisition

One of the key elements in the running of business is capital. Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS creates an opportunity for its clients to reach out for financial funds, through:

1. Capital market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
2. Private Equity and Venture Capital funds
3. Bond Emissions
4. Bank Financial Instruments
5. European Union Funds

3. Company selling

In a number of cases, company owners decide to sell their business. This is a special process, as a part of which, in the name of our client, we prepare indispensable documents for its commencement and running. Our consultants, after making a detailed company analysis opt for an optimal manner of selling. Being your legal adviser, we let you pass through this procedure safely and smoothly, taking care of and protecting the seller’s interests.

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