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Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS is a joint stock company providing business entities with comprehensive legal assistance at the highest level. The firm was established in June 2001 as a legal consultancy office specializing in debt recovery, debt trading and legal assistance provision.

In a short time, in effect of taking over of other entities, Capital Consortium was established assuring financial security for Entrepreneurs in the process of deferred payment sales. For over 8 years, we have been improving our skills seeking new solutions so as to satisfy our clients’ expectations. The tasks that we are entrusted with, being: debt recovery, legal consultancy and capital acquisition, are performed smoothly and effectively.

Continuous effort on the part of Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS Spółka Akcyjna to improve its service quality proved successful and nowadays the Company enjoys doing business with some of the biggest stock-exchange companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises.

Our task is the provision of comprehensive legal & financial representation, which thanks to our flexibility and competence guarantees maximal effectiveness. Our services are grouped in three departments, where team of top class experts looks after our clients. We are speaking of individuals with multiannual experience, as well as specialist qualifications and skills. Professional legal representation is our realm.

The departments of: debt recovery, legal representation and consulting, by providing particular services, ensure thorough assistance to our clients in connection with debt enforcement and security, legal assistance, and business consulting. Business consulting shall facilitate your company in reaching out for European funds, just like, other capital sources. Our characteristic traits are professionalism and reliability, manifested in highest service quality. Effective and comprehensive solutions to our clients’ problems, understanding of their individual needs, as well as high quality and timeliness of services offered let us achieve success.

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