Welcome to our website. Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS S.A is a joint stock company providing business entities with comprehensive legal assistance at the highest level. You are welcome to make yourself familiar with our offer.

The department specializes in debt recovery. Maximal effectiveness is a product of multiannual corporate experience and of the availability of top specialists in the fields of: economy, law, psychology and finances. Our technical and personal capital predispose us for handling just any problem that there may be, irrespectively of its nature, condition or complexity. In conjunction with other KPF VERTUS S.A. departments, it provides comprehensive assistance at every single stage of the debt recovery process, through... enter >>

The team of experts working in this department engages in consultancy and in the granting of assistance in the running of companies. It specializes in financial, energy, and commercial consultancy, providing consultancy services on economic and capital (i.a. European funds) acquisition issues. It runs specialist training courses. enter >>

The legal department of Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS S.A offers our clients legal assistance at the highest level. Our philosophy of action is based on the understanding of client’s individual needs and on specializing in particular disciplines of the law, as a result of which, our legal representation is comprehensive in nature. This department is split up into divisions, which are staffed by a team of highest class specialists that are focussed on particular legal issues. enter >>

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