Debt Recovery

The department specializes in debt recovery. Maximal effectiveness is a product of multiannual company experience and of the availability of top specialists in the fields of: economy, law, psychology and finances. Our technical and personal capital predispose us for handling just any problem that there may be, irrespectively of its nature, condition or complexity. In conjunction with other KPF VERTUS S.A., it provides comprehensive assistance at every single stage of debt recovery process, through:

1. Prevention and security

Consisting in preliminary verification of potential client and an option of using preventive seal.

2. Amicable (pre-court) debt recovery

Consisting in negotiating with debtor deadline and manner of debt payment. We strive at amicable, pre-court solving of each case. Contracts that we realize are always run by two collectors and are monitored by legal adviser, which guarantees maximal effectiveness. Whenever such need may arise, a given case may also be subject to direct debt recovery, where operational team engages in direct contact with debtor. We start debt recovery procedure on day of application making.

3. Court ordered debt recovery

Concerning rapid payment-order proceedings or writ-of-payment proceedings. Whenever amicable debt recovery turns out to be ineffective, we initiate court proceedings. We assure timely and comprehensive court procedure service, while continuing our debt recovery action. At this stage, our lawyers make use of any legal means for the purpose of maximization of the chances of effective enforcement, inclusive of judicial surety preventing debtor from selling his property.

4. Bailiff enforcement assistance

Consisting in supervision of bailiff actions. Assistance in bailiff enforcement on the part of our collectors and lawyers makes enforcement much more effective.

5. Debt trading

Debt purchasing and debt selling mediation. In a number of cases, it is more advantageous to sell debt, so as to acquire financial funds rapidly. The selling of interest or debt once enforcement procedure turns out ineffective means more capital for your company, anyhow. On client’s request, KPF VERTUS S.A. mediates in the selling of debt or buys debt on own account.

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6. Factoring and payment insurance

Factoring facilitates in the speeding up of your company’s payment cycle. In conjunction with debt insurance it minimizes or even eliminates the risk of contractor insolvency.


Foreign debt recovery: Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy

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