Legal representation

The legal department of Konsorcjum Prawno-Finansowe VERTUS S.A offers our clients legal assistance at the highest level. Our philosophy of action is based on the understanding of client’s individual needs and on specializing in particular disciplines of the law, as a result of which, our legal representation is comprehensive in nature. This department is split up into divisions, which are staffed by a team of highest class specialists that are focussed on particular legal issues.

The divisions of economic and commercial law, public contract law, tax law and criminal & revenue law, just like that of labour and social insurance law provide comprehensive legal representation to market entities. Our staff is made up of experienced lawyers, legal advisers, and solicitors recruited from a group of most recognized experts and academics coming from the Silesian University and from the Academy of Economics in Katowice.

This department groups together a team of best lawyers, specializing in particular disciplines of the law, which guarantees professionalism and individual approach to every single contract.


1. Legal consultancy and opinion;
2. Legal representation;
3. Establishing and registering of commercial partnerships;
4. Legal transformation of enterprises;
5. Mergers;
6. Legal due diligence.

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