1. Do you offer so called debt recovery without deposit?

In principle, all the cases that KPF Vertus conducts in a pre-trial debt recovery order are handled on the basis of a commission fee charged after the recovery of debts.

2. Is it possible to conclude the contract on fiduciary assignment of receivables, according to which a debt collection company earns its commission only on recovered debt?

One of the possible forms of cooperation in the recovery of money is a contract of trust assignment of debt.

3. What is the amount of deposit, if charged?

Amicable debt collection procedure – in most cases, pre-trial is conducted by our company without advance payments on the basis of Success Fee remuneration.

4. Do you accept difficult issues, for example, in the event of earlier unsuccessful debt enforcement proceedings?

The cases in which the bailiff has issued a decision to discontinue the proceedings because of ineffective enforcement are extremely difficult in any investigation. Therefore, it is necessary to make all efforts to recover debts before enforcement proceedings. It is vital to handle the execution properly. One of the KPF Vertus services within debt collection is to support the enforced debt collection, which gives a much better chance of successful enforcement. However, if the creditor is in charge of the matters after unsuccessful enforcement, in such cases, KPF Vertus also conducts debt recovery.

5. What is the minimum amount of debt that needs to be accepted for your order for debt recovery?

We believe that any amount is significant. Often, in economic relations, it is not only money that matters but also fairness and partnership. We do not leave our Client with the problem of small amounts recovery. We are ready to deal with any matter regardless of the amount of debt.

6. Do you accept the claims barred by prescription?

Limitation of claims does not preclude the investigation. Therefore, such cases may also be adopted by KPF Vertus for execution.

7. On what principles is a commission for debt recovery charged, is only the amount of debt or the level of difficulty of the case or other factor taken into account?

The amount of our remuneration - commission depends mainly on three factors:
1. Value of the object of litigation - the amount of the claim (debt)
2. Date of referral of the case, due to the lapse of time from the maturity date of the claim
3. The number of submitted cases
During the valuation of debt recovery order, we also take into account the evaluation of the case, performing its initial verification.

8. Is it possible to negotiate the amount of commission?

Please send your data to conduct a debt recovery order and we will propose remuneration. You can always express your opinion about it.

9. What documents must be presented to be eligible for debt reimbursement?

To assert claims successfully, you must provide all documents and information concerning the case. In a pre-trial debt recovery phase, we use, first of all, the documents that identify the claim and the parties (contract, invoice).

10. Do you have your own business intelligence?

One of the services of KPF Vertus S.A. is a business intelligence service. Its scope and completion date is each time determined with a Client individually.

11. Do you ever conclude contracts with a debt collection company?

We operate solely on the basis of a written agreement and authorisation to represent the creditor. Our agreements are of framework agreements nature within comprehensive monetary debt recovery orders or individual debt recovery orders. The term of the contract depends on its scope - Vertus KPF conducts amicable debt recovery as well as judicial and enforcement debt collection.

12. What is the useful information about the debtor for a debt collection agency?

We recommend you to provide the debt collection agency with all available information about the debtor, in particular any contact details, information on where the debtor resides, information about its property when submitting your case for debt recovery. Vertus KPF always takes action in order to obtain such information. However, the creditor may possess much of this information, which may be particularly useful in debt collection proceedings.

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